Packed Meals

(Packed in a Styrofoam, with plastic spoon, fork, and toothpick)

Packed Meal 1
Price             : P50.00
Menu             : 1 Main Dish
                       1 Noodle Dish
                       1 Cup rice

Packed Meal 2
Price             : P80.00
Menu             : 2 Main Dish
                       1 Noodle Dish
                       1 Cup rice

Packed Meal 3
Price             : P110.00
Menu             : 2 Main Dish
                       1 Pasta/Noodle Dish
                       2 Cups rice
                       1 Dessert
                       1 Tetra-packed juice
Terms and Conditions:
  • Free delivery within Metro Cebu area. Beyond Metro Cebu, a minimal delivery charge will be added to the bill. Pick-up is also an option.
  • Minimum of 40 persons is required.
  • Please confirm your orders five days before the event/delivery. 50% down payment is required upon confirmation. The balance will be collected after delivery.
  • Cocinero De Trio is NOT responsible for meals consumed TWO hours after delivery/pick-up.
  • Prices indicated above are exclusive of VAT, and are subject to change without prior notice.